Pakistani Sprinter Najma Parveen Finishes Last in 200m Heat | Tokyo Olympics

Pakistani Sprinter Najma Parveen is the representative of Pakistan in the Tokyo Olympics. She is an outstanding athlete with lots of potential and skills. She was first eliminated from the Tokyo Olympics by the Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) without any consent. But again Pakistan Olympic Federation (POF) managed to re-enter her in the Olympics. Najma Parveen, a 31-year-old runner from Faisalabad has earned a place in the Tokyo Olympics through the university Quota of the World Athletics Federation.

Pakistani Sprinter Najma Parveen Finishes Last in 200m Heat

Najma Parveen is recently Pakistan’s fittest female athlete with 43 national gold medals under her credence and she holds national records in women’s 200m, 400m, and 400m hurdles. Pakistani sprinter Najma Parveen finished last in women’s 200m heat at the Tokyo Olympics on Monday morning. She also represented Pakistan at the Rio Olympics in the women’s 200m race but she could not improve after completing the race in 26.11 seconds. But since then, she has improved her timings.

According to the news, Najma Parveen ran in heat of the women’s 200m and finished last as number 7. What was more disappointing was not her position, but her timing which was recorded 28.12 seconds at the mega event. The country’s best female sprinter, who holds the national record of Women’s 200m at 23.69 seconds, was 2.88 seconds behind the player who finished at number 6 in the Olympics.

Pakistani sprinter Najma Parveen

The POA had also thumped the AFP and had said that its action was a clear disregard and breach of the right of the athlete. Pakistan Olympic Association and Athletics Federation of Pakistan are on bad terms with each other due to multiple reasons. The POA had suspended AFP’s membership after its athletes tested positive in the last South Asian Games in 2019. Parveen will be aiming to improve her national records and qualify for the semifinals.

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