Pakistani Mountaineer Sirbaz Khan Summits 7th Highest Peak | Dhaulagiri

It is a great moment for Pakistan that Pakistani mountaineer Sirbaz Khan Summits 7th Highest Peak, Dhaulagiri. All the Pakistanis are praising the great Pakistani mountaineer for raising the name of their country. Thus this news has taken the internet by storm.

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Pakistani mountaineer Sirbaz Khan Summits 7th Highest Peak | Dhaulagiri

It is a moment of truth for all the Pakistanis that Pakistani mountaineer Sirbaz Khan has set a new record for the nation as he has Summited 7th Highest Peak, Dhaulagiri. This news has taken the internet by storm. He is being praised tremendously. He is the real hero for sure. Also, Pakistani mountaineer  Sirbaz has become the first-ever Pakistani to summit nine out of 14 eight-thousanders of the world. He is proud of Pakistan. Also, he has upheld the name of the country.

Pakistani Mountaineer Sirbaz Khan


“Going for the ninth 8000m summit has a special meaning to me and all my brothers and sisters from the Pakistani mountaineering fraternity. With your prayers, I’ll do everything in my capacity to make this dream come true,” he had said, before pushing for summit.

“It is not purely about getting in the record books anymore. It is about the pride of the country. Most importantly, it is about earning respect and honour for the extraordinary, yet unsung mountaineering community of Pakistan. When I climb on these mountains where no Pakistani has ever climbed before me, it is not just me climbing alone, it is Pakistan climbing with me,” he had said.


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