Pakistan street child football team wins Norway Cup

On Monday, the Pakistan Street children’s football team beat Rvoll IL 2-1 in the Norway Cup in Oslo. This was their second straight win. During the first half of the game, the Green Shirts’ opponents were ahead. However, just before the break, the Green Shirts tied the score. Abdul Wahab of Pakistan scored the first goal.

Pakistan street child football team wins Norway Cup

Tufail Shinwari got the goal that won the game for Pakistan in the second half. The event got off to a good start on July 30 when Pakistan beat Frigg Oslo FK 11-1. Pakistan got off to a great start when Saud Ahmed scored in the 6th minute.

Abid Ali put Pakistan ahead by two goals in the 7th minute, just a few seconds after the first goal. Saud gave the Green Shirts a three-goal lead in the 11th minute, but they had no plans to stop. Then, Abid scored his second game goal four minutes later, in the 15th minute.

Pakistan played very well, but Scott McNol’s goal for the home team gave them a point back. The game went well for the guests, who scored two more goals to score 6-1 at the end of the first half. In the second half, Pakistan continued to be the better team. They scored five more goals, bringing their total to 11.

This was the biggest win of the event so far. Abid scored four goals for his team, which played a great football game. Tomorrow, Pakistan’s last group match will be against Skjold IL.

Pakistan street child football team wins Norway Cup

Gulfishaa Avaan
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