Pakistan needs major reform after reaching ‘lowest point’ in T20 

All-rounder Imad Wasim claimed Pakistan cricket is at its lowest point and needs dramatic reforms after the side failed to advance from the T20 World Cup group round. In 2009, the champions fell to the US and India and won only against Canada. Pakistan’s final match is Sunday against Ireland, a dead rubber since both teams are eliminated.

Pakistan needs major reform after reaching ‘lowest point’ in T20

Wasim said he was disappointed by the withdrawal, especially since the US overcame Pakistan and India to Super Eight qualification.

“This is the lowest. Nothing lower is possible. He told a press conference.

The 35-year-old left-arm spinner stated drastic adjustments were needed when asked if substantial changes were needed.

“It’s not my domain but I think there should be changes and there should be a drastic change so we can move forward,” stated.

After a brief retirement for this event, Wasim said the transformation needed to be drastic.

“In every way. Take the game on? Rules of the game? I returned since I believed in this, but it didn’t work “added.

Pakistan lost a close match to India in New York after the stunning loss to the US, and Wasim thought the context was important.

“The wickets are tougher than you anticipate, so any team can beat anyone. Nepal was nearly finished. I think we’ll modify our strategy and play the game differently, and all the boys are eager to do that because this loss upset us so much “said.


Wasim said the mental game must alter. Personal opinion. Avoid making these headlines—it’s your thinking. What game mindset do you want? Play fire with fire or your way.

I believe in playing fire with fire. He said that even if you lose, you may sit down and say we were bad that day.

The issue is that our team and players are good enough to play any cricket. You must overcome failure phobia.

You must eliminate fear of failure in batting, bowling, and fielding. He noted that thinking change can change a lot, but personnel change doesn’t.

“We play world-class teams. Their perspective has evolved. We dominated T20 cricket. I guess we’ve retreated. You can do more if you change the player’s mind. Always believe this.”

Wasim stated he would decide his future after Sunday’s game.

The retirement match is tomorrow. After the match, we’ll discuss and resolve any issues. To be honest, the Pakistan squad will resolve several issues. Chairman and board will resolve it.

Two games were lost by ourselves. We should not have lost the US, but losing is part of the game. We had that game against India and shouldn’t have lost. Therefore, nothing is excused. “We’re losing matches,” he said.

“We will discuss and decide after the Ireland match. I’m not secretive. I told everyone I retired last time. I’ll notify everyone if anything happens.”

Pakistan needs major reform after reaching 'lowest point' in T20 

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