Pakistan has the highest winning percentage in the world: Ramiz Raja

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Pakistan has the highest winning percentage in the world: Ramiz Raja

According to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja on Friday, Pakistan’s winning percentage in international cricket during 2021-22 hit the 75 per cent threshold, leaving behind India and other countries. In an interview with the media, Ramiz Raja emphasised the accomplishments of the country’s national cricket team since he took over the cricket board’s reins. The national squad has the highest overall success rate in the world, at 75%. Pakistan has won 18, lost four, and drew two of its first 24 matches since Ramiz Raja took over the team in September.

As of this writing, India has played 32 matches, winning 22, losing 9, and drawing one. The success rate in India is 68.75 per cent. Afghanistan is surprisingly in third place, having won 13 of the 19 games they’ve played and lost the other nine. Second in the rankings is South Africa, which won 19 of the 28 games it participated in and lost nine of them. With a win-loss-draw record of 20-20, Australia sits in fifth place in terms of winning percentage in the 30 matches they have played. A whopping 66.67 per cent of Australians have succeeded. Following Ireland and New Zealand are Sri Lanka and England.

Then comes Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and the West Indies. They all have a winning percentage of less than half of what they should. Asked to comment on the national team’s development, Ramiz noted that it has made “remarkable strides in the last eight months.” It is safe to say that Pakistan’s cricket team has become a worldwide sensation since it defeated India in the World Cup T20 opener.

Official Statement

“Pakistan’s success ratio has been overwhelming as it has crossed 75%, more than any other cricket-playing nation, including India that usually plays most of their matches at home,” Ramiz said.

“We now have a team under the leadership of Babar Azam. Fans worldwide wait for months to see the green shirts in action. We have been receiving an unprecedented response from everywhere and on every front. Be it from a cricketing angle or a commercial point of view. There is no matching Pakistan. The credit goes to the entire team. Babar Azam’s ability to lead the team has seen tremendous progress.

“He is fully in charge and calling all the shots. He has grown in confidence and performed outstandingly as a player and captain. The team under him is giving a united look.”

Pakistan has the highest winning percentage in the world: Ramiz Raja

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