Pak vs Aus | Starc talks about keeping eye on victory

Pak vs Aus | Starc talks about keeping eye on victory 

After back to back match between Pakistan and Australia, now it’s time for the results. The cricketer Australia’s Mitchell Starc was seen talking about keeping eye on victory.

“Last week (in Karachi) we thought the wicket may break up a lot more than it actually did,” Starc, who picked up four wickets in a hostile spell of fast bowling, told reporters.

“Credit to Pakistan, they played really well, but we’re in another position of opportunity … we’d rather be in those positions where we’ve got options and we’re pressing the issue than having to survive.

Pak vs Aus | Starc talks about keeping eye on victory

“It’s a huge positive for this group in foreign conditions to be pushing the game.”

“I don’t think this wicket helps the fast bowlers at all,” the lanky left-handed Starc said. “The wicket started out quite slow and dead and we’ve seen it shoot lower and lower as the days have gone on.

“The key is a reverse swing and both teams have used that well. We’ve got to stay patient, it’s a hard slog, and things are going to happen quickly as the game goes on.”

Gulfishaa Avaan
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