Pak vs Aus | Mohammad Rizwan completes 1000 Test runs

Muhammad Rizwan is one of the most skilled and experienced players on the Pakistan cricket team. After achieving a lot of things, now he has managed to reach another milestone. He has completed 1000 test runs against Australia in a test match of PAK vs AUS. Read out the complete details down below with us!

Pak vs Aus | Mohammad Rizwan completes 1000 Test runs

Mohammad Rizwan is the Pakistani stunning cricket who has made its nation very proud. He has managed to grab one of the most amazing achievements in the world of cricket that are completing 1000 test runs. Thus, he is being praised all over Pakistan. Also, this news has taken the internet by storm. We congratulate him on completing 1000 test runs in the match against Australia.

Muhammad Rizwan, the Pakistani cricket has played unexceptionally well. So, no doubt he has prevailed in the hearts of all Pakistanis. Also, he is being honored all over the world and trending on all social sites. As always, he played unexceptionally and bested hearts with his skills. We wish him a piece of very good luck in his future career.


Gulfishaa Avaan
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