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Since the Taliban are in action and have taken command of Afghanistan, everything seemed unfortunate. However, The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has recently announced that all the matches scheduled with Afghanistan shall be played according to the timetable, provided previously. Henceforth, no changes are required for the Pak-Afghan ODI series 2021.

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Pak-Afghan ODI series To Be Played As Per Schedule 

Previously, it was reported that Sri Lanka’s Officials were not sure about the scheduled ODI Series matches 2021. The reason was the uncertainty of the event due to the recent change in Afghanistan’s Government. However, recently, The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) reported that all the three-match ODI series between Afghanistan and Pakistan are supposed to be played as decided previously. No changes shall be made for the Pak-Afghan ODI series 2021.

Not only this, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) told that the Taliban really admire cricket and there will not be any hindrance in the matches for the Afghanistan Cricket Team.

Also, Afghanistan is all set to host Pakistan for the three ODIs in the first week of September. It will be programmed in Hambantota, Sri Lanka, as per the decided schedule.

Pak-Afghan ODI series

Taliban Love Cricket

“Taliban love cricket and they are supporting their team. Our ODI series against Pakistan will go as per schedule in Sri Lanka. After two days’ gap due to the current situation in the country, the training camp of the national team will resume tomorrow,” ACB CEO Hamid Shinwari said.

“Efforts are being made to check their [Afghan cricket players] whereabouts,” said an international cricket official, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

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