Memes on New Zealand | Security issues become bases for the troll | Pak vs Nz

New Zealand is being trolled after being defeated by Pakistan. Memes on New Zealand have taken the internet by storm. Pakistan again showed itself by accomplishing a glorious triumph against Newzealand.  All the Pakistani fans are immensely happy over it. Read out the complete details down below with us!

Memes on New Zealand Security issues become bases for the troll | Pak vs Nz

New Zealand came to Pakistan for a tour, in the past months, however, it had to pull out and supportive its act by showing security concerns. Thus, they lost the fight against Pakistan and now the Pakistani people are not letting go of this chance. Thus they are making most of it and trolling new Zealand for not playing the series with Pakistan and completing its tour. All the Pakistani memers are geared up for the keyboard battle. Therefore, memes have been taken to the next level and they look so funny as well. Memes of New Zealand have taken the internet by storm.

Pak vs Nz | T20 World cup 2021-22

Pakistan is showing its immense performance throughout the tournament. First, it won the match against India, with 10 wickets. Now, it has proven itself by achieving the target of 135 runs however, still few balls were left to be played. This victory has taken the internet by storm. All the fans are truly happy over the victory. No doubt, unluckily Babar Azam was wicket-out by Southee, at the early overs, but still, the team worked paid off. Asif and Shoaib were the last to bat and hit sixes and fours that led to such a surprising victory.

Also, Asif was hit twice, during batting, but still, he remained on the field and proved his skills. Not only this, New Zealand is being trolled all over the internet for showing the security concerns at the start of the series with the Pakistan and Pakistan tour. It was a great game played by the green shirts against the black caps. Shaheen and Rauf played so well as the utmost bowlers from the green side. So, now Pakistan needs to maintain its pace and focus on the future games as he has won 2 matches out of 2. Thus this is a great opening and immense lead by the green shirts. So, Now let us see, how well they take it ahead.


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