Local Indians fake IPL to fool Russian gamblers.

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Local Indians fake IPL to fool Russian gamblers.

A group of people in a small town in the Indian state of Gujrat made up an Indian Premier League (IPL) to trick Russian gamblers. Indian news sources say that people have been arrested for their parts in an internet scam that targeted people in Russia. Fraudsters allegedly live-streamed a “fake IPL” in the Russian cities of Tver, Voronezh, and Moscow, according to the accusations. The Russian gamblers were contacted through Telegram, and their first bets of INR300,000 were paid off before the gang was caught by police. Police say that the fake league was planned by Shoeb Davda, who lives in Molipur, Gujarat. It is said that Davda worked at a Russian gambling bar for eight months.

“Shoeb hired the farm of Ghulam Masih and installed halogen lights there. He readied 21 farm labourers, promising them Rs400 per match. Next, he hired cameramen and bought t-shirts of IPL teams,” a police official told Indian media.

“Shoeb used to instruct umpires over a walkie-talkie to signal fours and sixes. Umpires communicated the same to the batsman and the bowler. Acting on the instructions, the bowler would deliver a slow ball, enabling the batsman to hit it for a four or a six,” the official added.

“Can’t stop laughing. Must hear this ‘commentator’,” the commentator wrote on Twitter.

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