Karateka Saadi Abbas sets eyes on Gold in Islamic Solidarity Games

Karateka Saadi Abbas sets eyes on Gold in Islamic Solidarity Games as news of the day. Read out the complete details down below with us!

Karateka Saadi Abbas sets eyes on Gold in Islamic Solidarity Games

Top Karateka Saadi Abbas Jalbani of Pakistan asks all Pakistani stakeholders to sit down and work together for the good of sports. In an interview, Saadi underlined discovering talent and working on them for the long haul. Saadi noted how javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem was given international exposure consistently. It resulted in him earning the gold medal for the country.

Karateka Saadi Abbas sets eyes on gold in Islamic Solidarity Games

The karateka from Lyari is now training for Islamic Solidarity Games in Turkey, Konya. Here he will be in action on August 17 and 18. On August 14, Saadi will depart Dubai for Turkey, where he is currently stationed. Saadi also talked about his four-month training camp experience with the Pakistan Sports Board, saying that it helped him and the other athletes prepare well.

“It is important for authorities to identify talent who can win us medals in global events, one way to do that is to send them to multiple events where they can prove their mettle,” Saadi told.

“Send them to South Asian Games. If they play well, send them to Asian Games, and invest in them. Plus, offer them exposure to international events before expecting them to win medals for the country,” the 30-year-old karateka said.

“I’m well-prepared and looking forward to giving my best in the Islamic Solidarity Games,” he remarked. He also added that all the Islamic countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, and Turkey dominate the sport, but he’s hopeful of outperforming.

“It will be a tough contest, but I am confident as well. I won a Silver medal in Baku last time and now eyeing Gold,” the karateka anticipated.

“Although we also wanted some training tours. So we’re thankful to have been provided with a camp facility by PSB, which helped us during training,” he concluded.

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