Kapil Dev advises Kohli to give up his ego | Official Statements

Virat Kohli is the iconic performer of India’s cricket team. The athlete is one of the prominent professionals in the world.  Read out why Kapil Dev advised Kohli to give up his ego down below with us!

Kapil Dev advises Kohli to give up his ego

Virat Kohli announced his resignment as the national side’s Test captain. No doubt Virat Kohli is an awesome player on India’s cricket team. Also, He is one of the well-known players in the world. Thus, He has made many records and proved himself as the best cricketer. Also, he has done well enough for India cricket as the utmost batsman and team captain.In this regard, Kapil Dev said that Virat should give up his ego and play under a young cricketer for Indian cricket.

Official Statements

“Even Sunil Gavaskar played under me. I played under K Srikkanth and (Mohammad) Azharuddin. I had no ego,” Dev, 63, was quoted as saying to the Mid-Day newspaper, referring to other greats of the era.

“Virat will have to give up his ego and play under a young cricketer. This will help him and Indian cricket. Virat should guide the new captain, new players. We cannot lose Virat, the batsman … no way.”

“I think clearly there was disenchantment between Kohli and the authorities,” veteran cricket journalist Ayaz Memon told AFP.

Kapil Dev advises Kohli to give up his ego | Official Statements

“You don’t need any statement, you can sense it from the manner he gave up the T20 captaincy. So then the ODI captaincy was taken away from him,” he said.

“It has become a challenging situation for India because you have a team that has crumbled, the batting certainly,” he said. “I am sure with the kind of bench strength we will get over with this phase as well,” Dhumal told AFP.

“It’s just the change in a leadership position that will happen. Thus when eventually somebody would take over they would take it from here and make sure the team gives its best on the field.”

“Let us focus on Team India rather than thinking and bothering about what is being printed or spoken about,” he added.

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