Javed Miandad talks about being inducted into PCB Hall of Fame

Javed Miandad talks about being inducted into PCB Hall of Fame

Javed Miandad has been honored lately, as he has been inducted into the PCB hall of fame. He served the nation with his skills, diligently. It’s a great moment for him and he is very happy about it. Thus, he thanked his fans for this triumph.

“I feel humbled and honored to have been inducted into the PCB Hall of Fame. It is appropriate that these inductions are taking place when an international cricketer [Prime Minister Imran Khan] is at the helm of Pakistan cricket affairs who understands better than anyone else the hard work and sacrifices a cricketer makes to reach to the top pedestal,” Miandad said.

Javed Miandad talks about being inducted into PCB Hall of Fame

“Every time I stepped onto the field of play. I wanted to contribute to my team and country through my performance. To make this happen, I developed my own training and preparation plans using innovative methods visualizing the oppositions. The conditions I would encounter. I am delighted my efforts produced good results. So I was able to serve my team and country with performances that made us a proud cricketing nation,” Miandad added.

“One thing I did with great success throughout my career was to quickly forget my previous performance. So switch focus towards the next challenge. Of course, I learned from the previous game into the next match. So, I tried to improve, but I didn’t dwell on what I had achieved in the past matches.

“I was fortunate to always have had excellent and outstanding contemporaries. The on who supported and encouraged me and I want to especially thank the people of Pakistan for their overwhelming support and love till date. This always remained my inspiration and motivation in the pursuit for excellence.”

Gulfishaa Avaan
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