Insight into Cricketer Saeed Anwar’s Career

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Insight into Cricketer Saeed Anwar’s Career

Anwar is Pakistan’s only 10,000-run left-hander. ODI opener, but much more. Before Sachin Tendulkar, Saeed Anwar pioneered ODI. Anwar’s ODI debut coincided with Tendulkar’s. For a decade, he ruled Indian limited-overs cricket. In the 1990 Benson & Hedges tri-series, Anwar opened and batted third. His opening innings suggested what to anticipate. 27 runs in 30 balls, most boundaries. 105.39 Pakistan’s ODI opener had changed. Saeed Anwar was the 1990s’ top opener. Sachin Tendulkar scored 6,270 in 139 innings. Tendulkar’s 50 fifties and centuries exceeded his 48.

He scored 194 against India in 1997, the decade’s high. 1999 marked Saeed Anwar’s 6,000th ODI run. During the Pepsi Cup, he beat India. In 162 innings, he was third-fastest. Tendulkar needed more innings (170). Thus, in the 1990s, Saeed Anwar and Sachin Tendulkar have the most ODI hundreds. Desmond Haynes retired in 1994 with 17 ODI tonnes. Both West Indies players have 11 hundred. Anwar achieved 6 centuries in 45 innings despite injuries. Sachin Tendulkar had no centuries. He scored three in December. Shan Masood likes county cricket’s standards. Between his debut and January 1998, Anwar scored 5,336 runs. Tendulkar averages 39.05 with 6,092 runs in 172 innings.

Also, Tendulkar has 12 hundred against Pakistan’s 15. His average was higher (41.36 vs. 39.05). Turn came. Sachin Tendulkar averaged 65.31 and had a 102.15 strike rate in 1998. His 33 ODIs included 9 hundred and 7 fifties. Saeed Anwar averaged 41.55 in 21 innings, significantly less than Tendulkar. By April, Tendulkar matched Anwar’s 15 hundred. The Indian had 21 tonnes, four more than Desmond Haynes. Azhar Ali gets the county’s first 200 1996 Wisden Cricketer of the Year. Anwar scored 2,296 runs. In 394 ODIs between 1989 and 2003, Saeed Anwar played 247.

Insight into Cricketer Saeed Anwar's Career

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