Inam Butt Wins Another Gold Medal In Beach Wrestling World Series 2021 in Greece

Inam Butt Wins Another Gold Medal In Beach Wrestling World Series 2021 in Greece. He is the jewel of Pakistan. He is being praised all over Pakistan. This report has taken the internet by storm. The athlete has become the star of the nation. This is his second consecutive victory in the Beach Wrestling World Series 2021. The athlete has made the country so proud in the 90kg category. Pakistan’s Inam Butt fought against Azerbaijan’s Ibrahim Yusubov in the finals and won a glorious victory.

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Inam Butt Wins Another Gold Medal | Beach Wrestling World Series Greece

Inam Butt is the new star of Pakistan. The champion has managed to prove himself at the Beach wrestling world tournament 2021. Plus, he participated in the 90kg category of Beach Wrestling World Series 2021 in Greece. Pakistan’s Inam Butt faced Azerbaijan’s Ibrahim Yusubov and attained a glorious victory. Accordingly, the contestant kept the supremacy very magnificently. He praised God for the premium success and vowed to sustain the nation of his motherland whenever he could! Moreover, It’s not the first time he won the medal in international wrestling tournaments for his state. Also, all the Pakistani celebrities, common people, and officials praise him and demand complete support and resources; therefore, he is trending all over Pakistan and being praised tremendously!

Inam Butt Secures Gold
Inam Butt Secures Gold


“It’s a great achievement for us and I thank everyone who has been supporting us. We will continue to make Pakistan proud,” Inam said.

“I dedicate this win to Jhara Pehlwan as today is his death anniversary and our hero Dr AQ Khan,” he added.


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