ICC Unbothered by India’s Pitch Concerns

According to the BBC, the International Cricket Council (ICC) appears unconcerned about India’s complaints regarding the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium pitch and has stated that no T20 World Cup 2024 matches will be moved.

ICC Unbothered by India’s Pitch Concerns

Many teams have expressed anxiety about New York’s unpredictable drop-in wicket. Two matches have already taken place at the site. Furthermore, 350 runs were scored.

South Africa and Sri Lanka played the first match at the site, with the Islanders batting first and being bowled out for 77 runs. This was their lowest score in Twenty20 Internationals. In contrast, India managed to bowl Ireland out for 96 runs in the second match.

Pundits and experts criticised New York for raising major worries about the surface; however, the ICC has no contingency preparations to relocate the matches to Florida or Texas, according to BBC.

The most anticipated T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and India will also take place in New York. This match is predicted to draw a crowd of at least 32,000 people.

Because this is cricket’s most important rivalry, a low-scoring match would be inappropriate.

Due to the unexpected bounce of the pitch, India expressed concerns about their batters’ safety.

ICC Unbothered by India's Pitch Concerns

Dinesh Karthik, a former Indian cricketer, had previously stated his disgust with New York.

Karthik told Cricbuzz: “It is not the nicest pitch. T20 cricket is often a batter-friendly format. This one is stacked in favour of the bowlers, but not for the correct reasons. It’s squishy, and the odd one bounces over your head. Then it stays low, too. Does not make for enjoyable viewing. This pitch has not settled. It was produced in Adelaide, stored in Miami since the weather is better there, and then re-laid in New York two weeks ago.”

“Drop-in pitches are new and have performed successfully, particularly in Australia. However, the situation has not settled. It will be a topic of discussion leading up to the major match (India versus Pakistan) in a few days,” he stated.

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