How to Properly Analyse Odds for Betting on Krikya

How to Choose the Right Odds for Betting on Krikya

Understanding how quotes work and finding the best deals in the betting market is key to playing profitably in the long run. If you bet 1,000 BDT at odds of 1.90, your winnings will be 1,900 BDT. But if you bet at Krikya ( on the same market with 2.00, it will increase by 100 BDT. The difference seems small, but if you make an average of 30 bets per month, it will amount to 3,000 BDT!

What are Coefficients

Odds are numerical values that represent the probability of the outcome of an event and determine the potential profit. Most betting site use three types of quotes:

Type of coefficient Description Example
Decimal Recorded as a decimal fraction. Shows the total payout including the bet. Widely used in Europe and Asia 2.00: a bet of 1,000 BDT will yield 2,000 BDT (including bet)
Fractional Recorded as an ordinary fraction. Shows the net profit relative to the bet. Popular in the UK 3/1: a bid of 1,000 BDT will yield 3,000 BDT + bet
American They are written with a positive or negative sign. The former shows how much you can win on a bet of 100 BDT, and the latter shows how much you need to bet to win 100 BDT. They are mainly used in the USA +200: a bid of 1,000 BDT will yield 2,000 BDT;

-150: you have to bet 1,500 BDT to win 1,000 BDT

How the Odds Work

Dozens of factors are taken into account when issuing quotes:

  • Athletes’ current uniforms;
  • Statistical Indicators;
  • Weather conditions;
  • Injury and transfer news;
  • Results of previous performances, etc.

Like other betting sites, Krikya Bangladesh sets odds based on the probability of an outcome. The higher the probability, the lower the odds. This is why betting on the favourite to win is less rewarding than betting on the underdog.

How to Choose the Best Odds

Betting sites offer different odds for the same event. The difference may be small, but in the distance it affects the profit. Imagine you found odds of 1.95 with one company and 2.00 with Krikya Bet. A bet of 1,500 BDT with 2.00 will bring 3,000 BDT, while a bet with 1.95 odds will only bring 2,925 BDT. The difference of 75 BDT is insignificant, but for 10 bets the loss will be 750 BDT.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Specialised tools and techniques for comparing quotes help to squeeze the most out of sports betting. It is recommended to maximise the performance of the game:

  • Use odds comparison services. They show odds for the same events on different betting sites. The data is updated online, which ensures that the information provided is correct.
  • Register on multiple gambling sites. Perform a Krikya casino login and open an account on 2-3 more sites to expand your search for the best deals.
  • Watch out for changes in the odds. Betting odds are influenced by the popularity of a particular outcome, news about athletes, weather conditions and other factors.
  • Install mobile apps. Many companies offer software for Android and iOS with online notifications of odds and changes. In particular, by logging in to Krikya login BD, you can download a functional app with match statistics, TV broadcasts and push notifications for free.
  • Read forecasts and analyses. Expert evaluations help you understand the reasons for fluctuating quotes. This will give you an additional advantage when choosing the best bets.

Calculation of Implied Probability

To understand the probability of an outcome, you need to convert the quotes into percentages. During the calculations, the betting site commission is taken into account, but then it is excluded. As an output, you get figures that reflect the real probability of the event.

Let’s take a look at the calculation scheme for the most popular types of odds at Krikya casino:

  • Decimal. 2.00 implies a probability of 50%. It can be calculated as follows: 1 / coefficient × 100%. That is, 1 / 2.00 × 100% = 50%. A factor of 1.50 indicates a probability of 66.7% (1 / 1.50 × 100%).
  • Fractional. 4/1 indicates the probability is 1 / (4 + 1) = 0.20, or 20%. A 5/2 indicates a probability of 2 / (5 + 2) = 0.285, or 28.5%.
  • American. A positive coefficient, such as +200, indicates a probability of 100 / (200 + 100) = 0.33, or 33%. A negative value, such as -150, indicates that the probability is 150 / (150 + 100) = 0.60, or 60%.

Understanding the probability of events helps you to assess the risks and the potential to win. For example, you have made a Krikya Bet login and you see odds of 3.00 for your favourite team to win a football match. This means that its chances of winning are around 33.3%.

Use the knowledge you have gained to analyse your bets. For example, if Krikya offers odds of 2.50 for a tennis player to win, he will win with a 40% probability. If your estimate is the same or higher than the offered odds, a bet on this outcome is justified. Keep an eye on the odds and take into account any additional factors that may affect the game.

Online Helpers for Beginners

Finding favourable betting offers is not an easy task for a beginner. But if you are armed with useful tools, the efficiency of analysing the online betting market will increase many times over:

  • Online calculators are services for comparing quotes on different betting sites. The most popular ones include: OddsChecker and BetBrain with a user-friendly interface, as well as ArbCruncher to search for arbitrage bets.
  • Trademate Sports is a resource for finding valueless bets. Analyses markets and offers favourable odds.
  • Sports Insights is an analytics service with betting and line movement data. Useful for analysing and making decisions.

In addition, Krikya login provides access to additional online help. The live betting section features match centres with detailed statistics of ongoing events, graphic and video broadcasts, and colour indication of fluctuating quotes. Use the tools to improve your results and enjoy the game more!

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