Gazoz Wins Gold | Esra Bilgic Ecstatic | Tokyo Olympics

Mete Gazoz Wins Gold Medal in Men’s individual Archery Games at Tokyo Olympics, 2020. Gazoz makes turkey proud for their first gold medal at the Tokyo Games. Want to know the complete details?

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Gazoz Wins Gold For Turkey | Tokyo Olympics 

Mete Gazoz is a Turkish recurve archer. He managed to beat former Olympic champion Italy’s Mauro Nespoli in the men’s individual archery final at Tokyo 2020. Therefore, secured the first gold medal for his country, Turkey. He proved his skills and showed everyone what he is capable of!

Gazoz Wins Gold

Esra Bilgic Ecstatic | Mete Gazoz 

Esra Bilgic is a Leading Turkish actress, who has portrayed the character of Halime Sultan in the famous drama serial Dirilis: Ertugrul, showed her excitement, love, and respect for Turkey’s Mete Gazoz after he secured the gold medal at  Olympic men’s individual archery on Saturday, 31st of July, 2021. This was his country’s first gold medal at the Tokyo Games.

Esra Bilgic could not keep calm and immediately took to Twitter, when the news of Mete Gazoz’s victory broke out. Therefore, she shared the photo of Mete Gazoz and congratulated him stating that or the people of Turkey are proud of him.

She tweeted,

‘You are great Mete Gazoz! #Tokyo2020”.

Mauro Nespoli | Opponent of Gazoz

Let us brief you about the opponent of Gazoz at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Former Olympic champion Italy’s Mauro Nespoli, 34-year-old Italian, is a gold medalist and an experienced player. He is a former world and two-European champion but Meta Gazoz geared up after the first round. Henceforth, Gazoz shocked everybody and won the Archery Games at Tokyo Olympics, 2020. Meta Gazoz is the pride of TURKEY!

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