Former Pakistan Women’s Basketball Captain Motivates Young Girls With Training Camp | Official Statements

Recently, Former Pakistan Women’s Basketball Captain Sana Mahmud motivated the young girls at the training camp.

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Former Pakistan Women’s Basketball Captain | Official Statements

“We didn’t get a chance to interact much, as they mostly kept to themselves but seemed very curious about our equipment and what we seemed to be doing there,” she said.

“When asked if they wanted to play with us, they eagerly nodded and three of them — two girls and a little boy — joined us on the court,” she said.

“Given that they were far younger and shorter than the teenagers who were part of the training camp, I had them play separately for a bit and then got them together with the larger gang. Their athletic ability was amazing,” Mahmud said

“As I parked my car, I was surrounded by 10 children, excitedly waiting to be invited to play and when I asked if they wanted to play, they all eagerly ran behind me to enter the park.

Former Pakistan Women's Basketball Captain

“It was utter chaos. Each kid attacked a basketball, wanting to grab it and keep it for themselves, and started dribbling across the court. Though we didn’t speak the same language I was able to help them understand the rules of the game.”

“Barefoot, without access to the best of nutrition, and probably with a looming responsibility of having to collect and sell garbage/scraps to meet the daily quota, yet these kids had an electric energy,” she stated.

“If [they are given] even an hour every morning the joy of their childhood, the innocence and care-freeness that play offers, we think it can make a difference,” she said.

“I am grateful and humbled to be a part of their lives if even for three days and I pray we give them something that children on the streets often leave behind — hope. This is the power of basketball. This is the power of sports,” she said. 


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