Everest record-breaker Shehroze Kashif dissatisfied with government response

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Everest record-breaker Shehroze Kashif dissatisfied with the government response

Shehroze Kashif, a young mountaineer who has broken many records, is upset that the government hasn’t done anything about his achievements. He says that officials haven’t helped him in any way. In May of this year, Shehroze climbed Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu. On his list of things he had done, he had climbed Mounts Everest, K2, Manaslu, and Broad Peak. This is what the officials told the young climber, the climber said. Even though promises had been made verbally, nothing had been put in writing. The Minister of Inter-Provincial Coordination also owes money to Shehroze, the minister said.

The mountaineer said that he was only given Rs1 million for his achievement, even though he had been given Rs5 million for reaching the top of Mount Everest before. The climber said that he could only reach the highest peaks because he borrowed money from other people. Everest record-breaker Shehroze said, “I get $5 to $10 from different people. It is not at all what I want to do. Shehroze says that his family used to spend all of their money on him after paying rent and bills, but that his father no longer has enough money to support his hobbies and interests. My father gave up his car and a piece of land so that I could go mountaineering, he said. “He has nothing now.”

Everest record-breaker Shehroze

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