Cristiano Ronaldo has fought this for years!

Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous forward for the Portuguese national team, is still fighting his old football club over unpaid wages.

Cristiano Ronaldo has fought this for years!

After signing with Juventus in 2018, the 39-year-old departed Turin in 2021 to sign again with Manchester United.

Ronaldo scored over a hundred goals while playing for Juventus. The famous striker is now suing his previous team, claiming they owe him money from his time there.

The new board of directors of the Italian club admitted to Juventus News that they had no knowledge of the payments because they had been a secret agreement between the previous board and the player.

A legal dispute ensues when Cristiano Ronaldo asserts that the La Liga club owes him 20 million euros and the football team denies the claim, claiming ignorance.

The site cited a court order that said Juve had to pay him half of that plus interest, for a total of 12 million euros. It must be

Still, the Italian cup winners aren’t satisfied with the verdict, thus the legal dispute has continued.

The article states that Al Nassr’s forward is requesting full payment, but the Serie A club denies having any debt to the Portuguese striker and states that they have already paid him.

It would take more time than expected, and the problem is still not fixed.

Cristiano Ronaldo has fought this for years!

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