Canadian circus show “Messi10” recreates Messi’s World Cup party

According to a report by Reuters, an upcoming theatrical production is scheduled for October 2022 in Buenos Aires, inspired by the life and extraordinary experiences of Lionel Messi, a renowned Argentine soccer legend. The production is said to be a grand spectacle by Cirque du Soleil. The forthcoming theatrical production, aptly titled ‘Messi10’ as a tribute to the esteemed jersey number worn by the renowned footballer. So, it will take place within the context of Argentina’s historic victory in the World Cup held in Qatar.

From Rosario to world champion, this captivating show chronicles the striker’s progress. During the preview show in Buenos Aires, Cirque du Soleil artistic director Sean McKeown told Reuters that the production’s most notable feature is the living legend’s active involvement in its approval. Messi’s only request was to include his family values in the final film.

Canadian circus show “Messi10” recreates Messi’s World Cup party

According to McKeown, a particular character in the show is called ‘Family’. This character is noteworthy due to their portrayal as an ordinary individual who exhibits kindness and remains grounded. The performance will feature a rendition of the World Cup anthem ‘Muchachos’ by La Mosca, executed by a troupe of 34 acrobats. It is within a stage setting that faithfully recreates the ambience of a stadium.

The inaugural performance of Cirque du Soleil took place in 2019 in Barcelona, coinciding with the period when Lionel Messi, the renowned football player, was active in the city. In recent years, the organization has expanded its appeal by diversifying its offerings beyond traditional circus acts. This strategic shift involves the introduction of performances that pay tribute to renowned music legends. As well as the establishment of immersive experiences in collaboration with video game partners. The implementation of ‘Messi10’ in alternative venues was deferred due to the global health crisis.

‘Messi10’ executive producer Matias Loizaga said a show about Leo Messi’s sports career has always been planned. On October 5, the athlete will perform in Buenos Aires.

According to McKeown, the present moment is the most suitable time to initiate it at this location. Due to their immediate comprehension, the Argentinean populace is considered an optimal setting for observing this phenomenon. The organization has announced preparations for a tour of Latin America in 2024, with a specific date secured for April’s performance in the Dominican Republic.

Canadian circus show "Messi10" recreates Messi's World Cup party

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