Babar Azam restrict US public engagements following Haris Rauf brawl

Following an unpleasant argument between Pakistani fast bowler Haris Rauf and a fan, the members of the national men’s cricket team have decided to maintain a physical distance from supporters in the United States. This decision comes after the team’s premature elimination from the T20 World Cup 2024. Babar Azam restrict US public engagements following Haris Rauf brawl.

As reported by The News, Babar Azam, the captain of the squad in the T20 format, along with Shadab Khan and a few others, have chosen to extend their stay in the US even after their side was eliminated from the league round of the tournament. These players have now reduced their public engagements and are only meeting individuals they are acquainted with.

Babar Azam restrict US public engagements following Haris Rauf brawl

The shift in the squad players’ disposition towards fans is a direct result of a viral video on social media. When Rauf, aged 30, was involved in a dispute with a fan who directed derogatory comments towards him.

The video captured the pacer leisurely walking with his wife, Muzna, when he abruptly displayed hostile behaviour towards a fan, who was joined by a group of young individuals.

The video depicted Rauf persistently advancing towards the fan, disregarding the attempts of his wife and other individuals present at the scene to restrain him.

Subsequently, on his X account, Rauf expounded upon the incident, elucidating his perspective of the events.

The author expressed their initial decision to refrain from discussing the matter on social media. However, due to the release of the video, they now perceive it as imperative to acknowledge and confront the situation. As individuals in the public eye, we are receptive to receive input of all kind from the general population. They have the right to provide assistance or express their disapproval towards us.

“However, in regards to my parents and my family, I will not hesitate to react appropriately.” It is crucial to demonstrate reverence towards individuals and their families, regardless of their occupations.”

After the event, the Pakistani fast bowler garnered the backing of his other squad members. He serted that fans have the right to criticise. But it should be done in a respectful manner.

He has faced criticism for allowing 15 runs to be scored in the last over, which allowed the US to make a comeback in the match at Dallas. This led to a Super Over, which ultimately resulted in a victory for the host team.

Babar Azam restrict US public engagements following Haris Rauf brawl

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