Atletico Madrid fans protest Ronaldo transfer rumours


Atletico Madrid fans protest Ronaldo transfer rumors is news of the day. Read out the complete details down below with us!

Atletico Madrid fans protest Ronaldo transfer rumors

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo’s alleged transfer to Atletico Madrid has sparked outrage among the club’s supporters. Atletico Madrid is looking to replace Luis Suarez with a new striker. Still, the club’s fans have stated that Cristiano Ronaldo “is the contrary of our ideals of giving and humility.”

It’s simply a rumor that Cristiano Ronaldo will join Atletico Madrid, according to the club’s president, Enrique Cerezo. Ronaldo was a member of Real Madrid, a club that competes with Atletico for nine years. Because United failed to qualify for the Champions League, his salary was reportedly reduced by 25%. Even though, Manchester United has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo is not currently for sale.

“I’ve already said this several times, I don’t know who invented the Cristiano story but I’ll tell you that it’s practically impossible that he comes to Atletico de Madrid,” Cerezo said.

Cerezo added: “Rumours are rumors and have to stay as rumors. If you keep telling the rumors then eventually it will look like it’s something real, which it is not.”

Atletico Madrid fans protest Ronaldo transfer rumours.

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