Afghanistan Pakistan Cricket Series Have become Doubtful After The Takeover of Taliban


After the recent update, the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan after 20years. Therefore, all the scheduled matches of the country with Afghanistan. Similarly, Pakistan, the neighboring country of Afghanistan, had scheduled cricket series with the Afghanistan cricket team in the coming days. However, it has become very much unsure to say anything about it due to the takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan Pakistan Cricket Series Become Doubtful After Taliban Rules AFG

Due to the recent circumstances of Afghanistan, all the Officials of the Sri Lankan cricket board are failed to provide the exact schedules. They are unable to provide the details that can guarantee the T20 match series between Afghanistan and Pakistan. after the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, the officials are not sure whether the series will start on September 1, 2021.

Afghanistan Pakistan Cricket Series Takeover of Taliban
Taliban Taken Over Kabul, Afghanistan.

Not only this, but the schedule for T20 World Cup 2021 is also in doubt! It was to be programmed in the United Arab Emirates in October. Also, Afghanistan’s cricket team was also required to participate in the tournament. Many players are trapped in Afghanistan and everywhere the situation seems very unpredictable. There are predictions of rescheduling of the matches of cricket.

T20 World cup


Statements of Officials

Readout below what the officials have to say about the current messy situation, all around the world that is influencing cricket series, down below!

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an international cricket official said,

“Efforts are being made to check their [Afghan cricket players] whereabouts.” 

Sri Lanka Cricket secretary Mohan de Silva told AFP,

“We have told them that we are ready to host the tournament. All the preparations are underway.”

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